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"Yoga means Yog, in simple it is union of body and soul with the help of spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes breath control, meditation, Asanas and Pranayamas practiced for health benefits and relaxation."

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"Yoga should be done early morning or evening empty stomach. It should be done in clean and hygienic place without any disturbances. A yoga mat can be used if grass is not available. It should be done in open place like park / garden / roof top or in a room where air ventilation is there. People with back problems should avoid specific Asanas and should consult yoga teacher before starting."


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Yoga for hypertension this question feed

asked by sati on 7 April 2010 18:32

My mother is having hypertension, she is taking medicines for hypertension. I want to know that what kind of yoga can be done to control hypertension, cholesterol problem. wether she should stop medicines if she does yoga and asana?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Divya Arjuna Kvath can be taken along with Divya Mukta Vati to control the blood pressure and also improve the cardiac health.

The ideal blood pressure reading 120/80mmHg and is considered as high blood pressure when the systolic blood pressure is more than 140mm/Hg and the diastolic blood pressure is more than 90mm/Hg. If it is 140/90mmHg, it is necessary to maintain it by taking medicines, proper diet and exercise with regular checkups.

Following a healthy lifestyle will help to control the blood pressure. Smoking, alcohol and obesity increases the risk of increasing blood pressure along with other cardiac problems. Yogasanas like Siddhasana, Padmasana, Trikonasana, Paschimottasana, Dhanurasan, Matsyasana, Shavasana and Mandookasana are beneficial.

Include goose berry, turmeric, pepper, celery, drum stick leaves, cinnamon, bitter gourd and garlic. Reduce excess sugar, refined flour, salt and fried foods. Meditation, Pranayamam and Yoganidra will help to relax and also to control the blood pressure.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 14 July 2015 22:43

Latest Replies

I m last three years suffering from high blood press divya muktavati take from one years but bp is not contol i,e 140/90 Please give me suggestion ,which type of ayurvedic medicin Control the BP .i do every morning one hours yoga . My age 34 Years.

posted by Guest on 13 July 2015 23:01


There are several methods available in ayurveda which can control hypertension. Primarily a change in diet habit is the one to be followed. This can be effectively managed by reducing the amount of salt in diet.Apart from medications yoga is seen to have immense role as well.

In hypertension pranayama is the first technique to be practised. Apart from improving lung capacity and nourishing tissues with rich oxygen supply it is easily seen to dilate blood vessels as well. This technique shall be practiced from an experienced yoga master.

Meditation is another practice which will help to regulate the blood flow and maintain blood pressure. It shall be practiced for a period of 30 minutes everyday.

In yoga there are several postures available which can help regulate blood pressure. A few of them include cat pose, crocodile pose, easy pose, shoulder stretch, fish pose and diamond pose. It shall be noted that all these postures shall be practiced regularly and result shall be expected only after a while of its practice.

posted by Dr.Sony on 2 April 2014 18:22

Sir,mere age 18 aur mujhe 2 month se high BP Hai mera bp-140-150/90-95 hai.mujhe bohot dar lagta hain.kya karun me allopath medicine 130/82 se aur nehin kam hota hai.please mujhe bataye ke divya mukta vati aurveda medicine se mera bp normal ho sakta hai aur kya yoag,pranayam,asan mujhe bataye plz replay.

posted by Guest on 16 June 2013 19:35

plz bodi problam wale contect kare or any othar poblam wale my no 09######041 mai ap ki har tarike sahayta karne ko taiyar hu bas ak bar viswas kar ke bol de

posted by Guest on 1 June 2013 9:19

Dear, Sir

My father Problem is CRF and a very problem for bodi so please help me s cretine is 11 so emegetly help me last 1 year is problem for a kidey so help me my cont no 90######97

posted by Guest on 12 March 2013 9:07


Though I agree with Sampath Kumar, I would just like to clarify few things over here, as common rule says, if the complaints are very mild, these yoga poses can be done, and however, the particular patient is suffering from cholesterol or Hypercholesterolemia where Sarvangasana is good and indicated and of course Sirasasan and Viparitakarani poses are not indicated for hypertension patients.

However, the disclaimer says, one should get personally evaluated by an yoga expert and doctor to decide whether to do these yoga poses or not.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 4 January 2013 17:36

Your advice includes doing Sarvangasana which is a contraindication for hypertension. All inversion postures Sirasasan, Viparitakarani and sarvangasan and so on are all contraindicated for Hypertension patients. Please comment on this.

sampath kumar

posted by Guest on 3 January 2013 19:49

Yoga for Hypertension

Yoga practice is very helpful for the hypertensive patients, however, proper care should be taken while performing yoga postures and there are some contraindications for hypertensive patients.

Depending up on the severity of heart complaint, and any kind of surgeries, there are limitation while performing yoga and should be considered.

Along with the help of alternative therapies, one can make use of yoga and pranayama for maintaining proper functioning of heart.

• Vajrasana
• Shavasana
• Shashankasana
• Pavanamuktasana • Sarvangasana

Pranayama like Ujjaini pranayama, nadi shodhana pranayama are helpful along with anuloma-viloma pranayama.**

These yoga postures are very useful to maintain proper coordination of circulatory system and nervous system, which helps to keep the body and mind fresh and enhances the cardiac function.

It is believed that natural collateral circulations are formed after doing yoga in the patients who is having blocks.

The pranayama helps to maintain proper blood circulation and helps to keep the mind calm and active.

However it is noted that one should continue their regular medications and can continue doing yoga which is very helpful.

Even diet is also very important oily foods should be avoided.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 9 April 2010 6:04
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